Study on Balancing Workload with Sous Vide

Before looking into the new things of 2010, let’s not miss the opportunity for a quick review of the hectic time in your kitchen over the holidays, including the brunch the morning after New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner!

It is for many chefs the craziest few days of the year.  Endless 16h shifts, just to barely come by with the sheer amount of preparations in between service. We and a couple of our friends on Facebook thought that Chef Chris Windus posted an interesting brief study on how to balance work load for New Year’s Eve by including sous vide cooking. It starts very dramatic.

I will admit at one point Aaron, chef de cuisine, and I looked at each other and it was questionable if we were going to make it through today and tomorrow with smooth services…” Read the full study on his blog here

Moving on and looking forward into 2010, we asked on Jan, 6 on Facebook: “What are your wildest dreams for kitchen technology in 2010?” Some of the answers are really wild and just inspiring! Check it out (no log in required)

If we haven’t yet, let us wish you a successful 2010!

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