Keep It Clean: What to do when your circulator needs some love.

Does your circulator look like it’s been to the beach?

Calcium deposits can lead to burnt out motors and costly repairs. To clean your circulator of mineral deposits, simply run the unit with a 15% Distilled White Vinegar to water solution at 65°C/149°F for 20-60 minutes. If the build up is heavy, try a 10% CLR or Lime-Away solution.

Grease or food build build-up can also cause added stress on the pump motor.

Run the circulator at 72°C/161°F with a solution of dish soap and water to remove these deposits. We highly recommend running the vinegar solution at least once a month. If you are frequently cooking eggs, clean your circulator once a week.

For easy access to the CHEF Series heating coils take a look at our quick-access fasteners available through our website. These make removing the back panel a breeze. 

Have one of our 7306 models? This unit was originally designed for laboratory use where sous vide bags coming into contact with the coils wasn’t an issue. We have since developed a protective cage that prevents bags from coming into contact with the heating coils. That can lead to food loss and a huge mess in your bath (gross!), not to mention, the possibility of expensive repairs.

Visit to take a look at our quick access fasteners and protective cages. Keep your circulators squeaky clean! 

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