(Nitro) Frozen Yogurt

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Chill out this summer with some homemade frozen yogurt!

Combine our recipe for Sous Vide Yogurt with a little knowhow from our friends at ChefSteps for a frozen treat that’s fit for fireworks.

Prep Time: 60+ minutes (based on equipment below)

Yield: 1 qt

3 C (710 mL) Plain Sous Vide Yogurt
2C (165 g) Sugar
1 t (5 mL) Vanilla Bean Paste or Vanilla Extract

Equipment needed:
Liquid Nitrogen
Stand Mixer
Safety Glasses
Insulated Gloves

Please note, liquid nitrogen can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. Please familiarize yourself with the equipment and procedures required when handling liquid nitrogen. Check out Cooking Issues’ Nitrogen Primer for further details.


Ice Cream Machine
Silicone Spatula

For more information on food safety, please click here.

Step 1:

Stir all of the ingredients together and refrigerate for one hour to dissolve the sugar.

Step 2:
If using a conventional ice cream machine, freeze per your machine’s instructions

Step 3:
If using liquid nitrogen (LN2), check out this cool technique from our friends at ChefSteps:

Direct Link

Step 4:
Freeze or serve immediately. Note: Some ice cream machines require a freeze after churning. Consult ice cream machine’s instructions for further details.


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