Sous Vide Gift Cards

PolyScience Gift Card

The PolyScience gift card is a great gift for those with a passion for cooking and an eye for innovative cooking tools and techniques. Available in values of $100 or $500, the card is beautifully designed, printed on high quality paper and comes in an envelope.

These gift cards can be used on all of our products, such as the Sous Vide Professional™ CHEF SERIES, the Smoking Gun™, or the Anti-Griddle™, or accessories, such as custom lids or traveling cases.

Cook sous vide, like chefs world-wide, with our line of circulators, including the Sous Vide Professional™ CHEF SERIES, and vacuum sealers.

Smoke foods without exposing them to heat with the cold-smoking Smoking Gun™.

Flash-freeze with the Anti-Griddle™ and quickly freeze sauces, purees, crémes, and vinaigrettes to create an array of tasty treats or garnishes.

Evaporate with the PolyScience culinary evaporator package to concentrate non-volatile components or extract volatile elements to enhance to flavor and produce endless creations.