The Anti-Griddle™


The Definitive Guide to Sous Vide Cooking

Philip Preston's Immersed makes learning about Sous Vide cooking easy for anyone.

  • Addresses all key aspects of Sous Vide cooking including safety, equipment and best practices.

  • 65 recipes provide a base further Sous Vide culinary explorations.

  • Includes contributions from Wylie Dufresne, Johnny Iuzzini, Bruno Goussault, Thomas Keller, Nick Kokonas, Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young and other top chefs, restaurateurs and culinary experts.

Whether you're just starting or already well along your Sous Vide journey, you'll find Immersed an outstanding source of the inspiration and information you need to take control of your kitchen.

Coming in Spring of 2015.


Here's what top chefs and restauranteurs are saying about Sous Vide cooking and Philip Preston.

"What Sous Vide preparations have allowed us in the kitchen is consistency and a heightened sense of time management."
Thomas Keller Chef / Proprietor, Thomas Keller Restaurant Group; Author of Under Pressure

"These cooks were tkaing whole chickens and putting them in bags with chicken stock and dropping them into a pot of water. After 30 minutes they took the chickens out and finished them on the stove until they were golden brown. I thought "Wow! What the hell is going on?" I didn't understand what I'd witnessed because I had never seen it before. These guys explained to me what the process was. I didn't see Sous Vide used the rest of my time in France, but I had already begun to think of other uses and applications for it."
Wylie Dufresne Chef / Owner of wd~50 and Alder restaurants

"Over the past year my wife and I built our dream kitchen. We felt that Sous Vide cooking was so vital that our bar sink is insulated and has a mounting bracket for a PolyScience Immersion Circulator."
Nick Kokonas Co-owner with Chef Grant Achatz, Alinea and Next; Co-author of Life, On The Line

"Philip's products allowed me to set our desserts far apart from many in the world. I have always been and always will be a huge fan of the man and the PolyScience brand."
Johnny Iuzzini Pastry Chef at the 4 star NY times / 3 Michelin star rated restaurant Jean Georges, and Iron Chef America champion; Author of Dessert FOURPLAY and Sugar Rush


Sous Vide cooking is exploding in the culinary world because of its many advantages over other more traditional methods. Philip Preston is a cutting edge innovator that has had a leading role in growing the technique from a narrow niche to a concept widely adopted by many of the world's leading chefs. Philip has set a goal of helping more chefs, and ultimately, home cooks better understand Sous Vide cooking to take control of their kitchens. With that goal in mind, Philip has written Immersed: The Definitive Guide to Sous Vide Cooking, to help both those professional chefs and home cooks, regardless of how much they already know about Sous Vide cooking, learn more and enjoy its many benefits.

Sous Vide cooking is the right choice for any professional or home kitchen.

  • Cooking is about preparing food with heat. The more temperature control you have, the more control you have over the outcome. The Sous Vide method provides extraordinary control, allowing for perfect, repeatable results.

  • Even the most delicate foods can be held at perfect levels of doneness for much longer times than more traditional methods allow.

  • Helps transform even the most ordinary ingredients into sublime culinary creations.

  • Easy to learn and takes the stress out of cooking.

  • There really isn't anything else like it.